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C O M P A N Y  P R O F I L E

4M’s  -  Masarap,   Mura,  Malinis,  Maganda,   these are the guiding business principles of  Jay-J’s Chicken Inasal Restaurant in which caters from class A to C of our society. 


Jay-J’s The Filipino Restaurant’s menu not just covers Grilled Chicken but also a variety of Filipino dishes - from seafood, to poultry, to meat.  Most of them are owners family dishes recipes that are enhanced to the taste of our customers.  We do not only assure that the food taste better than home cooking, but we make it affordable to all.


Along with the appetizing dishes, what makes it enjoyable to dine is its restaurant ambience.  Truly Filipino setting though modernized zen-style, the walls are adorned with bamboo to create a homey, even provincial ambience.    


We are looking forward for more Jay-J’s The Filipino Restaurant  nationwide or even world wide.


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